Monday, November 30, 2009

Video Filmed The Radio Blah

We had him-off-of-The-Thick-Of-It, Chris Addison, as our guest on the show on Sunday morning. We also had a man with two video cameras... which is why I can show you the interview here. (I say interview... chat is more like it.)

Martin and Danielle are real by the way. They're just not on camera.

If you want to hear the whole show, you can get the podcast from itunes here or you can get it from the Absolute Radio website here.

Oh... and here are Chris's tour dates. You really should go if you can. Of course other acts might be touring at the same time...


The Sporting Accountant said...

What a coincidence - as great fans of the 'Thick of It' my wife and I were only reading yesterday that Chris Addison was on stand up tour. But we noted that he does not come into Cornwall. Maybe someone (Dave?) could persuade him of the beauty of Cornwall as a place to add to his itinerary!!

Dave Gorman said...

I don't know what it's like in Chris's case but in general, comedians don't book venues, venues book comedians.

If someone you like isn't playing in Cornwall, the chances are it's got more to do with Cornish venues than the artist.

Think about it from the performer's point of view? The truth is that on a regular tour you rarely have time to stop and take in the scenery anyway. While people don't like to acknowledge it's a business, performers generally go wherever the work is.

There's no point me having a word with Chris to suggest he adds on some Cornish venues... you want to have a word with your local venues and suggest they add on Chris Addison.

The Sporting Accountant said...

Point taken. I will take up with Cornish venues. Thanks for response. Hope all is good with you.