Sunday, April 15, 2012


I'm having a ball in Melbourne. I performed here in 2001, 2003 and 2004 and I knew I had built up a bit of momentum at the time... but that's a relatively long time ago and I had no idea whether people would remember. But every day I meet people who do and the ticket sales - so far every show has sold out - suggest no momentum has been lost. I'm very, very flattered.

And because of the way it's going, we've added in an extra show. It's on Saturday at 5pm. Details are, of course, on the Live Dates page of my site.

To add to my excitement, I've been nominated for The Barry Award. This was especially surprising to me as I genuinely thought I wasn't eligible what with me only being here for half of the festival. Turns out I am eligible. And nominated. So that's nice.

It's an amazingly strong list, full of great shows. The other nominees are Tim Key, Paul Foot, Dr. Brown, Wil Anderson and Felicity Ward.


Jess said...

Congrats on the Barry nom, Dave! I had a brilliant time at your show on Friday, one of my favourites of this year's festival. Glad you're enjoying Australia!

Henry said...

I remember being on holiday in Australia in 2004 and myself and a friend saw you in Melbourne. It was slightly embarrassing as my friend had a sleep problem (he can fall asleep without warning if he's sitting in a comfortable chair and the lighting is dim!) and I remember him snoring loudly through the entire second half... I enjoyed it though. Had to lend him the DVD later so he could find out what happened...

happilyeverlaughter said...

If you DO love the MICF and ARE having a ball in Melbourne, then PLEASE don't wait so long before your next visit.

(Apologies for the capitals. I'm not shouting at you. I'm just being earnest.)

Congrats on the Barry nom. :-)

Dave Gorman said...

@happilyeverlaughter: if I'd have come any sooner I'd have been terrible. I wasn't doing any live stuff for about five years... the first show I did after that (Sit Down, Pedal, Pedal, Stop & Stand Up) wasn't a festival show because there was no way of condensing it to an hour - some of the stuff that happened in the second half could only be done because there was an interval for example. This is the first live show I've done since my last visit that could have come to Melbourne... and it's here. At the first available opportunity!

happilyeverlaughter said...

Thanks for your explanation... much appreciated. And so nice to see a comment directed to me, today - a birthday treat! :-)

You are a craftsman, and no doubt you are a perfectionist. But you should know that your "terrible" would still be streets ahead of many performers' "best".

It's great to have you back here! Melbourne is a lovelier place with you in it. :-)

All the best for the rest of the Fest!

Tony Richmond said...

Hi Dave.
Looking forward to seeing your show tonight. You have kept me sane on my drive to work over the past two and a half years. Your podcasts are the only reason I own an iPod! I was delighted to gain the Pun Street committee's approval for Lord of the Fries. Can I buy you a cone of chips after tonight's show?
Tony from Melbounre

Dave Gorman said...

@Tony: thanks! And thanks for the offer. I've only just seen your comment and am not sure when it was left. If it meant last night - well then sorry I missed it - but I couldn't have come along anyway... and if it means tonight... well, I'm meeting some friends straight after the show & heading into another show. But mainly: thanks!