Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Up And Running

The weather hasn't been great yet... and yesterday morning I switched on breakfast TV to see the presenters getting very excited about the royal family and One Direction so it did feel for a moment as if we'd travelled ten thousand miles and yet hadn't travelled at all.

But, this really is an amazing festival and the audiences are fantastic. And my venue - The Forum - has a camp charm that I really like.

We had technical problems on the first night - the microphone, which had been fine all through our tech set-up time suddenly decided to sound as if it had been dropped in a chip fryer so the first five minutes were spent with the audience struggling to hear me. But they made that struggle and stayed with the show. I guess it knocked me out of my rhythm a bit because as well as thinking about how I've rephrased this bit and changed that slide etc etc I was also thinking I-hope-someone's-trying-to-bloody-fix-this. Not the most relaxed start to things but once it was fixed the show soon went through the gears and I had a great time.

I get kind of lost in this show. There are occasions when we're setting up and someone will ask me to do a particular bit of it so that they can see how it's going to work... and I never really know how to do it because there are no words in my head. But an audience changes things and that night, when I get to that bit, all the words are there.

One down. Plenty more to come.

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Peter said...

Great show last night, I'm glad I extended my stay in Melbourne to see your show.

By the way, re the heckler up the back that you couldn't hear, when there were technical difficulties you posed the rhetorical question "Why did this happen tonight?". The heckler replied "Because it's cheap Thursday". So we were laughing at him not with him.