Friday, October 3, 2014

It's Tour Day!

Here we go...

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While I'm here, congratulations to Daniel Armstrong who won the mailing list competition for the jigsaw from episode 3. An impossible jigsaw with a slightly unsavoury picture will be winging its way to him shortly.

If I find time while I'm on tour - or more to the point - if I have a workable wifi connection on Tuesday - I'll run another competition for the next show. But as there's not really a souvenir from show 4 that I can give away, I'll make the prize a book instead. Not just any book. My latest book.

This one:

As the question is asked in an email to my mailing list... you have to be on that to be in with a chance of winning...

Hope to see you on tour...


Anonymous said...

Dear Dave,

As a Scottish fan, can I ask why you totally avoided the main centers of Glasgow and Edinburgh? Aberdeen is like.. well 140+ miles away by car.

PS: the captcha says it: (n)noteles(s) wisdom *snigger*

Unknown said...


See this post

It explains the Scottish void


Dave Gorman said...

@Figjam: as Alan has explained, I haven't ignored Scotland's main centres. They've ignored me. The link explains it further - in that I could have done a show in Glasgow... but only for a venue that would - in my opinion - rip you off.

Anonymous said...

Ahh.. *grr*

I would not support those parasites either. Oh well.. Thanks for clearing it up.

I wonder if there would be other venues, like Oran Mor, a converted church now a pub/comedy/play venue.


Unknown said...

Front row tonight in Winch and SOOO looking forward to enjoying a PP presentation for the first time! Bring it on :)

Wedding Photographer Essex said...

How do you get tickets to be in the audience on the Dave show Modern life is goodish.

Dave Gorman said...

@Invogue UK: Tickets for the TV show are free. They're distributed by - or at least the first two series were. (There are still 3 episodes to broadcast but they were all recorded earlier this year)

I have a mailing list - and members of my mailing list are always the first to know. For series 1 & 2 we made sure they got a day or two's grace ahead of everyone else to request tickets.

The mailing list is easily found on my site - under "contact".

Wedding Photographer Essex said...

fantastic, seen you on tour already. Subscribed so hopefully we will see a Goodish show in the future.