Monday, October 6, 2008

A Fake Me...

Hmmm. I'm having a bit of a problem with a fake me on facebook. I've been getting a lot of mail from people who've been taken in by him... and I don't like it.

(I also don't like how hard facebook have made it to report... and how slow they are at reacting...)

I have a website. (I know... you know.) Given that I have a website, what are the chances of me having a facebook profile or a Myspace profile and not linking to them? Pretty slim I'd have thought.

Which is how you can verify that this is my facebook profile and that this isn't. That second link has got nothing to do with me. Unless you're listed as his friend (or you're in the Brighton and Hove network) you won't be able to see his page. But he's using my photo, my name and my biographical details and basically trying to pass himself off as me. Which is kind of unsettling to begin with... but is made worse by what he then does as "me."

He's created two groups.

One of them is called Gormans Idea Group.

He introduces the group saying "A group for my friends and fans to post any ideas they may have, for new books or tv programmes for me to write, as i am suffering from serious writers block at the moment.... lol."

Agggghhh. Leaving aside the whole people-might-think-I'm-begging-for-ideas thing... there's also the fact that he thinks I'd use a lower case i and a lol. Lord help me. I don't lol. I often laugh out loud. But if I ever want to tell someone that I've laughed out loud... I don't lol.

His other group is just as bad. It's called Googlewhack Fan Club. My skin crawls even as I read the words. In his introduction he writes, "Been a while since i did the googlewhack series, thought i'd give my friends a chance to post their own. When i get chance i'll check them and post the results. maybe devise a leaderboard or something - DG....."

Where do I start? Googlewhack series? Well there's your proof that it's not me writing those words right there. What series would that be? There wasn't one. There was a stage show and a book. The stage show was filmed and is available on DVD. But there's no series. Then there's that lower case i again. And again. And again. And the idea that I'd encourage people to try and googlewhack... or even go near the game again myself. Ugh. Shudder.

I've written to facebook and asked them to remove him but they don't make it easy to report these things and they're being very slow in responding. Far slower than Myspace have been when similar things have occurred over there. If you're a contact of the fake me... or you're in the Brighton and Hove network and can therefore view his profile, why not take the time to click on the 'report this person' link that should be there towards the bottom left hand corner? Or e-mail him... and ask him to kindly stop...


Ali Taylor said...


Allyaec said...

The profile doesn't exist anymore :)

Unknown said...

Plenty of other people calling themselves Dave Gorman though. Wonder how many of them you've met.

Although facebook look like they've removed the offending erson, did they bother to let you know they'd done it?

Dave Gorman said...

They did write to tell me they'd "removed the offending content"... which wasn't quite true. The groups he'd created were still there. They're gone now... but only because I went to the slightly surreal trouble of making myself an administrator of them both and then nuking them...

Why facebook would scrub his account without looking to see what he's done while with the account is beyond me...

Anonymous said...

I'd create a fan page Dave, good for sending out updates and people you don't know can 'sort of' become your friend without you having to read tons of their status updates, sheep throwing etc.

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Kitty said...

I wouldn't touch Facebook with a ten foot pole. I have heard too many horror stories about privacy issues concerning personal information that they collect and what they are allowed to do with it. You sign off on a lot of stuff when you sign up. I am not surprised that they were slow to respond.

Anonymous said...

I've seen countless fake 'celebrity' profiles on facebook, even ones for fictional characters etc etc.. But I've never seen one that purports to be the real celebrity (to my knowledge at least)..

This is quite odd and steps beyond the point of celebrating someone you admire..

Congrats on getting rid of the scoundrel..

Anonymous said...

Slightly ironic. All that advice about facebook but Sara can't seem to spell her own website address correctly....

Unknown said...

Seems you're not alone:

k said...

More than a little unsettling when you discover that not only has someone stolen your identity, but they're using chat acronyms and lower case 'I's! Your true fans, surely, will realise you'd never stoop to such levels!

Coincidentally, yesterday I had a two hour chat with my friend who's a Facebook Avoider (I know three), discussing the privacy implications of the site (which have always intrigued me). It's when all the data scattered across multiple sites gets aggregated that the trouble begins...

Artemisia said...

yup, thanks Chris. More haste , less speed eh :)

Mrs Fish said...

The thing I find most terrying about this is your illustration. Three ears and no eyeballs is far more terrying than stolen identity.

Mrs Fish said...

PS. I don't know terrying is, but it still stands.

Anonymous said...

That is the most freakish freaky picture of you there Dave... is that mask going to be available in next month's Select?

And that is some very poor pretending to be you by that facebook fool. School boy errors, all the way.

KevinD said...

Just a shame Facebook never responded in the comments on your blog - I guess they feel they are either too big or have too many people flaming them to keep up :)

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