Thursday, October 2, 2008

Two thirds...

Genius seems to be happening remarkably quickly now that we've started filming them. It feels like we've only just started but we've already got four out of the six shows done. Crikey. It's exhausting... but at the same time it's giving me an adrenaline rush and I think one is cancelling the other out. I expect I'll collapse into a heap the day after the sixth show.

This Tuesday/Wednesday our guests were Stewart Lee and Frank Skinner respectively. They were both brilliant. They also, both took really different approaches to the show which is one of the things that makes the job so exciting for me... it shows no signs of ever becoming routine.

There are so many variables in a show like this. It's not just the guest genius, there are also the members of the public who pitch their ideas, and of course the ideas themselves. The end result is that every show feels really unique... while at the same time, the series seems to have a really strong identity binding it all together. I hope that comes across on screen as well as it does in the studio.

Once again, our pitchers (for want of a better word) all seemed to have a good time. On paper, Genius could have been a show that chewed people up and spat them out and I'm really proud of the fact that we don't do that. Without exception they're always really beaming at the end of the night and whether they were deemed a genius or not, they're always happy that they took part. Before the show I always tell them that they're going to enjoy it... and I can tell they don't all believe me... but afterwards they always tell me how much fun it was. Which makes it all the more fun for me.

This time next week I'll be part way through recording the fifth show... and by the end of Friday night, the series will be over. Lorks.

By the way... a few people have asked a few questions about the show... so here are the answers:
1) It'll go out early next year some time. The dates will be on my site as soon as I know them.
2) Simply because we get loads more ideas from men than we do from women. Of the ideas we receive, something like 19 out of 20 come from men. We'd love to have more female pitchers too - get thinking ladies...
3) Yup, the ideas for this series are locked and loaded... but we're always looking for more. But I'm not the person to send them to. I'm the least organised member Team Genius... so visit the Genius website instead.
4) Yes, he is real and yes, his name really is Thorin.


Ben Paddon said...

Surely it's "Lorks," not "Lawks"?

Since moving to the US I've had the opportunity to share the radio series (and also AYDG?, GWA and America Unchained) with friends and family here in Los Angeles. My Stepmom absolutely *loves* you, to the point where I think she may well turn up on your doorstep one day, jetlagged but resolute, just to give you a big ol' hug.

The question I'm drunkenly stumbling towards is: Do you have any idea whether or not the TV version of Genius will find its way to a US network such as BBC America or Comedy Central at any point?

Gio said...

I always thought it was "Lawks" to be honest... I am prepared to be wrong though.

I'll add at this point that I've thoroughly enjoyed the two shows I've seen so far (even if I've made the "mistake" of arriving early to ensure a seat and thus being positioned behind the action - I just hope that if I do end up onscreen, I'm not looking at the monitors...)

Anonymous said...

Because I enjoy being a pedant, I'd like to mention that there is no such thing as "really unique". Something either is, or is not, unique. No adjectives can, or should, be applied.

Anonymous said...

And there is nothing I like better than being very pedantic with a pedant - but isn't "really" an adverb not an "adjective"?

SMARTBuddy said...

Adverb! Adverb! Adverb!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, a grammar fight! Well, a tiff, maybe. And yes, it is an adverb.

Am pretty sure "lorks" is the correct spelling, though it's obscure enough not to appear in many online dictionaries.

But enough wordsmithery! Dave, am really looking forward to Genius - glad you seem to be having as much fun making it as the likes of us will have watching it.

Unknown said...

Hi Dave,
I saw the recording of the show Wednesday night. As my daughter was one of those putting forward an idea. I thought it was really good that you didn't 'chew people up and spit them out, but actually as you say everyone seemed to have a good time. Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

hi dave, i just wondered if in the great tradition of radio shows transferring to Tv you were going to do any of the ideas from the radio series? i'd love to see the helium bubble wrap idea with the balloons and the CD.


Ben Paddon said...

Yes, I meant "'Lawks', not 'lorks'". I am a brain.