Saturday, October 4, 2008

What Came First...

... the chicken or the egg?

It turns out that some of the time, the answer is neither. Sometimes it's the turkey.


What am I on about? Well, it turns out one in five large chicken eggs are actually small Turkey eggs. They taste the same, apparently. Actually, if you think about it they must do. Because if one in five large "chicken" eggs is actually a turkey egg, the chances are we've all eaten plenty of them and nobody I know has ever noticed. I had a three egg omelette for my lunch earlier so there's every chance I had one today. It tasted, y'know, kind of eggy!

It seems that if they put them in boxes and label them "turkey" eggs, they just don't sell as well for some reason. Duck eggs, yes, turkey eggs, no. I guess people think of duck eggs as being exotic or luxurious, whereas turkey eggs just seem a bit bargain basement.

I wonder what else we're eating without realising? Pig milk cheese anyone?

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