Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Changing Horses Midstream

Making Genius is behind me. But not quite. I've spent the morning talking to various journalists about the new series.

We don't have a confirmed start date yet but it can't be far away if I'm doing press.

But this afternoon I have to sharpen a different pencil and put my head elsewhere.

The show I toured - by bike last autumn, and by car and train this spring - is being filmed for a DVD soon.

I need to remind myself of how it goes. And, on legal advice, I need to change a couple of bits too. (No guessing which bits though... there's no point putting spoilers out for the audience that's still to come, after all.)

I have a few warm up gigs to get the gears working smoothly again. The first three are sold out but I believe tickets are still available for The Lights in Andover on July 9th. And for the night of the recording too. I'm doing two shows. Both on July 12th. At The Bloomsbury Theatre.


Rachel said...

We really loved the show earlier this year and told everyone how funny it was. Now when they ask what's it about, instead of saying can't tell you, we can say, buy the DVD.

John Braine said...

Looking forward to a new series of Genius. I sell it to people who haven't seen it as "Viz top tips meets Dragon's Den".

Though - I was inspired to leave a comment because of the photo in this post. All I could see at first was a giant monkey or person wearing a sash around their midriff.

ps. was making this silly web page a while ago, using the first celebs to pop into my head, and I was listening to the podcast so you ended up there... looking quite strange, sorry!