Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Extra, Extra, See All About It.

So... episode two is on the iplayer (here) and will be there til next Monday. It's also repeated on Saturday night at a quarter to midnight.

I've had a fair number of tweets and e-mails asking why we haven't done red button extras this year. I don't know the reasons behind it but I do know that there are just as many extras. It's just that instead of putting them on the red button, they're online. I guess it means they stay there longer instead of disappearing when a new episode comes along. So the show 1 extras are still there now that show 2 has been on t'box. Clips are going up after each episode and also through the week.

So, for example, after episode one they added an idea that we couldn't squeeze into the show (a hamster powered car) as one clip and also a video of Master Genius, Pat Harkin's top 5 ways to make Britain better. And after episode two, there was the clip I linked to in my last post (exercise cutlery) as well as a video of the day I went to Maggie's house to catch up with her and her sister, Trish. If you've seen that particular show you'll know who I mean and if you haven't, well, that's what the iPlayer is for.

The extras are all on the genius website:

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craigm_89 said...

Hamster powered car? Tremendous!