Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ill In A Sexy Time Machine

Episode 5 is up next with the remarkable guest-list of Tim Minchin & Alexei Sayle (the only two guests in the whole series whose names combine to form an anagram of Ill In A Sexy Time Machine).

Here's a preview clip:

There'll be some extras - clips we couldn't squeeze into the show etc. - on the Genius website - as soon as the show is finished and no doubt a few others going up during the week.

It's on at 10pm. On BBC2. On Monday.


Claire said...

Isn't that The Professor?? ROFL! I hope he has kept the dentures for future use! He would def use them again :-)

Dave Gorman said...

I'm sure he did keep them. I hope so. They were built to fit his mouth so they're of precious little use to anyone else!

Claire said...

Ew... good point! Well, they'll fit right into his act as well as his mouth then... :-)