Friday, October 22, 2010

X Factor Compactor

The very funny and rather lovely Simon Evans alerted me to this website this morning when he tweeted about it. (On twitter he leaves out the 'very funny and rather lovely' part of his name and is just @thesimonevans)(I believe skatepunk indie band The Simone Vans are furious)

If you haven't already seen it, the X Factor Compactor allows you to mix up the features of the X Factor panel, War, Famine, Death & Pestilence. I mean, Simon, Cheryl, Louis & Dannii. Which is all very well but what drew me in was Simon's observation that some of the chimeras have an eerie lookalike quality. Simon had found a blend that added up to a damned good Andy Kershaw.

Here are mine:

A chubby Alan Cumming:

A blow dried (and glasses free) Dominic Holland:

and Jim Davidson with mascara:

Go. Play.


Kirstie Holmes said...

I like Jim Davidson!!!!!!!!! ha ha

Simon Gudge said...

I would say the second one down looks alot like Kerry Katona.

Lee Grant said...

Very true Simon. That is what I thought when I first saw it and then only realised later that it wasn't Kerry Katona!

Simon R said...

The middle one is very scary!!!

Dave Gorman said...

I think you're right about the middle one. Kerry Katona in a Posh Spice wig.

Will "Pyro" Tingle said...

Make your own Tim Minchin:

Eyes: Cheryl
Mouth: Louis
Nose: Simon
Head: Cheryl

Quentin Devine said...

I made this one Dave, you can see the proper sized version on my website:
Glad so many found it funny!

Dave Gorman said...

Thanks Quentin... very good.