Saturday, October 2, 2010

Subliminal Advertising...

So last week a French chocolatier decided to make a boat out of chocolate. It was seaworthy.


Sort of.

It was featured on the BBC news website. You can see a video of the boat in action - or the boats inaction - here.
(You might have to be in the UK to watch that. Not sure.)

And what did I see staring out at me from the boat's sail?

Something that looked pretty much like a genius logo.

I don't think we've had anyone suggest a chocolate boat before.

But really, you don't need to make a whole boat and get it on to international news shows in order to bring it to our attention. You can just send us an e-mail or a tweet if you like.

Or maybe it's just a coincidence. Either way... nice subliminal advertising. I don't speak French but I'm pretty sure that if you listen to the video you can hear the chocolate sailor (easy!) saying that he's looking forward to the show on Monday. BBC2. 10pm. With the Hairy Bikers and Jane Moore.

I think that's what he said.


Charlene said...

Hairy Bikers are on? Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Nice that it was a chocolate boat, too. Smack in the middle of Genius' remit, I think.

Unknown said...

it their logo on some of the wrappings of the chocolates

Georges Larnicol
1, Cours de l'Intendance
Bordeaux, France 33000
(055) 658-7829‎

Tom White said...

Wow, I read Jan Moir for a second there, got very afraid. Much happier with Jane Moore.