Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Absolutely July 29th

Montreal felt like a bit of a bubble... and music - especially new music - wasn't much of a focus, which is why my two songs-from-home on my first show back, weren't exactly new releases.

First there was Action & Drama by Bis:
Bis seem to be one of those bands that fall through the cracks when people look back over the 90s but they were really influential and it's always a pleasure to go back for more.

And my second choice was Are You Trying To Be Lonely by Andy Lewis & Paul Weller:
Which just doesn't get played much on the wireless because, presumably, there are so many better known Paul Weller tracks that get ahead of it in the queue for airplay... but still, a great tune.

I think the show went well on Sunday morning... which seems like some kind of minor miracle given how tired I was. On Friday night I'd done my final show in Montreal... and then done my packing... but I hadn't gone to bed because I was being picked up from the hotel at 3.15am.

Air Canada
I had an early morning flight to Toronto first. There are direct flights from Montreal... but if I'd taken one of those I wouldn't have been able to make the radio show on Sunday morning... so a no-sleep-Friday it was...

My flight then landed at Heathrow around 10pm, UK time. I was expecting to find the airport - and London - in a state of Olympichaos but in actual fact I was through the airport in remarkably swift time and home in East London before midnight.

But even so... it made for a confused and discombobulated host on Sunday morning. Fun though.

If you'd like to double check, you could always get the podcast... it's here... y'know... under July 29th.

Incidentally... as both Danielle and Michael are off to the Edinburgh Fringe for August we will be without their company for the next few weeks. (But hey, if you're heading for the Fringe, why not take in their shows... Danielle's doing stand-up on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and a comic play on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays while Michael's taken the lazy route and is just doing a stand up show.)

But we've got top notch people coming in to replace them... we have Annabel Port who many of you will know from Geoff Lloyd's Hometime Show and Andy Zaltzman - a comic who you might well know from the sublime, The Bugle.

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Beck said...

Hi Dave,

Just finished America Unchained. Excellent, funny & sad.

Ended up here after checking out the photos, also great, especially the Arches Park.

What's next on the project front?

Thanks, Beck