Monday, August 20, 2012

Songs From Home - Sunday August 19

First up... something new from the brilliant Jens Lekman who's always a delight. 
This is called I Know What Love Isn't:

And then this from an Aussie band called The Triangles... this song - Let's Replace The Cityscapes put me in mind of the wonderful The Boy Least Likely To, which is no bad thing.

I've really enjoyed having Andy Zaltzman on the show these last few weeks - and of course, I heartily recommend his regular podcast, The Bugle - but we could only get him for three weeks as he had a holiday booked and for reasons I don't fully understand, he simply wasn't prepared to explain to his children that our radio show is more important than them. Some people!

However... next week Annabel and I'll be joined by Bob Golding who's done the show a fair few times in the past and is always a joyous presence.

Oh... did I mention that we had Bonnie Langford on the show this week? We did. She was bloomin' lovely. You can get the podcast here.

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Emma Spreadbury said...

I've really enjoyed Andy Zaltzman on the times I could listen. I usually always do enjoy him though so and easy sell for me. I could listen to his nonsense fact blabber for hours.