Thursday, August 9, 2012


Somewhat ridiculously I had a third consecutive day of watching live Olympic action yesterday. A friend called with an offer of a spare ticket for the Women's Beach Volleyball finals. You know. The way they do. How could I refuse.

It didn't seem as well organised as the other two venues I've visited (I asked 15 different volunteers if they knew where the secure bicycle parking was and none of them even knew there was such a thing, for example) but once we were in it was great fun and the two matches were ace with Brazil taking a bronze medal from their game with China and the USA taking the gold from their game with, um, the USA who had to console themselves with silver. Poor old The USA.

Anyway... here's another photo... it's not really 6 aside... but I think this explains the anatomy of a single point:

Beach Volleyball


Anonymous said...

I was working there that night. If you had asked me I would have told you it was at Westminster school

Dave Gorman said...

I asked so many people. They either shrugged and said they'd never heard of secure bike parking, told me I could lock my bike to some railings or looked at a map and told me where the nearest Barclays bikes were. The weird thing was their reluctance to find anyone else who did know. In the end, one person did get on a walkie-talkie and ask but only to come back with more information on the Barclays bikes.

Dave Gorman said...

Oh... I did say to each and every one of them that I knew it was meant to be at Westminster School - I just didn't know where that was. But that didn't change anything. The most common response to that was, "A school? Nah... I don't think so."