Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I went to Greenwich Park yesterday to watch my first, live, Olympic action. Horses. Jumping. Over fences and stuff.

This what a complete round entails:

A Complete Round

I've never seen it before. I've never wanted to. I bought the ticket on a whim on Sunday and went along for the hell of it. I was hugely impressed by the organisation of the whole thing. The volunteers are amazing and really do set the tone for a great day out.

Of course the fact that Team Great Britain & Northern Ireland won a gold medal added to the excitement.


Unknown said...

Nice one Dave. Good to see you giving Team GB their full name too! ;-)

Rob said...

It was Team Great Britain & Northern Ireland? As in Team UK? Why don't we have this team for every event? Silly sports federations.

Dave Gorman said...

@Rob: we do... the official name is Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Since 1999 (I think) it's been branded Team GB. But that's all it is - just branding. It's Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Beth said...

Fantastic photo Dave. Glad you enjoyed ;)

Rob said...

@Dave Aha. I'd wondered about this before the games and seen that some Irish sports bodies were whole-island and some separate, so assumed it was a sport by sport thing. Looks like NI Olympians can pick and choose whether they want to represent GB or Eire, too. Shame about the branding though. I know most foreigners won't know the difference, but Team GB sounds to me like "Team UK Minus NI".