Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I bought my tickets for the jumping on a whim the day before. But the venue I most wanted to attend was the velodrome. I live in east London. I cycle past the Olympic site all the time. I've seen these buildings as they go up... and I'd have been really annoyed if I hadn't had a chance to see them in action.

I didn't get any cycling tickets in the ballot - or any other tickets for that matter - but I did manage to get one when more were released. And my, what tickets they were. Row three. In a section of the stand that had no row one. So, um, row two then.

Hoy celebrates gold
Hoy Celebrates Gold

Pendleton says goodbye after winning silver
Pendleton Says Goodbye

Trott does a lap of honour after winning gold
Trott's Lap Of Honour

As you can see, I picked a good day. In two days I've seen four gold medals decided. Great Britain and Northern Ireland have won three of them and picked up a silver in the other.

If anyone involved in Team GB(&NI) would like to invite me along to other events as some kind of good luck charm I'd be more than happy to oblige.

I got dozens of tweets yesterday from people telling me they'd seen me in the crowd. Lots of people sent pictures they'd taken of their telly as proof. My thanks to @el_saundero for this picture of me looking at a Belgian bum.


Anonymous said...

i was lucky enough to see the track on sunday with my dad! it was truely amazing! i know i'm very lucky! i almost cried when Victoria pendalton won (both times!)!!!!!!!!

Cat Lady said...

Dave, I appreciate your mentioning northern ireland! the fact that great britain does not include NI seems to be lost on most folks. Looks like you had ace time! What amazing day.

Anonymous said...

Lucky! I applied for tickets to the velodrome, didn't get any though :( I did see Women's football Team GB win against Brazil and saw Andy Murray win in his first round. So I was quite lucky too. But I was more 2nd from back, than 2nd from front!

trackcycling said...

My wife will be delighted. We were watching the racing this afternoon and she spotted you in the audience. 'That's Dave Gorman!' she said. Well, she would, under the circumstances. 'He does ride a bike,' I said. Because you do. And that's about as exciting as life gets, chez Swarbrick.

Unknown said...

Bloody good day to go!

Martin said...

And it looks like you have a decent camera too Dave - particularly good shot of Hoy. Did you have a lump in your throat for Victoria?

Craggus said...

Not into cycling at all (at least, i didn't know I was), but I don't think I have ever been as excited as I was watching Laura Trott win the omnium elimination race.