Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Absolutely June 3rd...

Our show this week was about mixed-messages and was inspired by this letter:
I love the two lines of text:


which I'm pretty sure we can all translate as:


And you had plenty of similarly confusing mixed-messages to share too.

Of course, the usual features all made an appearance, we had Ward's Weekly Word and Found Poetry and guest presenter, Paul Foot gave us another dose of Paul Foot Explains. If you had any gaps in your knowledge of Summer Sports... well... this probably won't have done much to clear them up. But it made me giggle so that's okay. We also gave what I think was our first dedication away on the show ever. We don't give such things lightly. They must be won. I'm sure we'll return to It's My Birthday And I'll Quiz If I Want To again some time soon.

The songs I brought in from home were:
Pirouette by Stickboy

and Applejack by The Triangles. (Try to ignore the fact that this is a beer ad and just enjoy a nice upbeat summer song)

The podcast, should you be so inclined is here.
See you in Hayes, Dartford, Treorci or Dudley in the next few days, yeah? Not you, obviously... but you... yeah?

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Brad Jones said...

Where I work (a library), we regularily get a junk mail marked up as "Contains Religious Matter". Code for "Chuck in the bin" surely?