Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hello... Is It These You're Looking For?

Hello Treorchy! /Helô Treorci!

Hello Dudley!

Hello Salford!

Hello Swindon!

My voice has been holding up better than it normally does on a tour but last night it finally gave in making the Swindon show a tad painful. Hopefully only for me.
Today I am remaining silent. I will recover.
I'll have to because there is an intense week coming up with gigs in Harrogate, Ipswich, Befast, London and Tunbridge Wells. Come on down!


Toni said...

Saw you last night. It was a great show. Jay was a great warm up act.

I could tell your throat was sore. Hope it did not hurt you too much.

I was watching wishing I had a pause button as I was laughing so hard that I was missing the next bit of the show.

Anyway this message was to ask.. What is the skull's significance for Swindon?

Han said...

I'd love to go to Treorchy one day. My Dad has Max Boyce singing 10,000 Instant Christian's and Sick Note.

Could end up starting to count down to seeing you in Cambridge. Me and my brother are coming.