Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 13

I always knew that today was the day I'd be leaving the flat lands behind... but today's uppity-downity shows just how dramatic a change there was:

Mind you, some of that flatness was actually just me and my Human Sat Nav getting lost in Peterborough. As you can see from this view of the beginning of our ride, we rather went round the houses:

That should be no embarrassment to my guide, Colin:

Who did a fab job. He's from Leicester and had travelled out to Peterborough on an early train in order to help me. It's obvious that whoever helps me out on this either ends up or starts off far from where they live... I really couldn't have more gratitude for their efforts.

Anyway, here's the route we took for the whole of our 57 miles:

Here are a couple of photos from along the way:

And here we are at the finishing line:


Anonymous said...

So nearly past my front door - but I was at work anyway :-(

Really enjoying the blog and twitter updates Dave - good luck for the rest of the trip.


Anonymous said...

That bit in Peterborough looked just like our route to the show on Thursday night - it's all those bloody roundabouts! We got to the theatre with about 2 minutes to spare. We had a fantastic night (thank you) and wish you all the best for the rest of the ride and tour.

Kathy & family

Neil said...

all the best Dave, I' am at the Preston gig tonight - can't wait :D