Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 16 -> Preston

Four of us started today's ride... but only two of us finished it.

Luckily that was how it was meant to be.

Here we are at the start.

Vikki - my Human Sat Nav - her friend Amy, Me... and an old friend of mine, Chris.

Vikki had asked Amy along because she wanted her to show us a nice way for the first part of the ride out to Bolton or similar... and she certainly did that. We did some quite long stretches of off road in the first half. I lived in Manchester for ten years and I knew where I was once. Chris has lived there all his life and he knew twice.

Once she'd taken us to a place where Vikki was more familiar, Amy then peeled off and went off to work leaving the three of us to carry on the ride without her.

We stopped for lunch in a glorious tea-rooms just before the climb into the Moors began

Then, as we crossed the boundary into Preston, Chris decided he ought to begin his return journey leaving only myself and Vikki to finish the job... here we are in Preston at the finishing line.

For reasons I didn't quite understand I was asked to pose for a photo with the mascot for Preston North End...

But anyway... here's the route:


jumbly said...

Glad our mystery tour was able to do a bit more for you than straight up the A6. Good luck with the rest of it, may it be all down hill and lined with quality tearooms.

Unknown said...

Isn't that just the best tearoom? A friend introduced me to it a few months ago. Just ace. Cracking night in Preston last night Dave. not laughed so much in ages. bought the ticket several months ago and it was well worth the wait. And then some. I know you don't like having to deal with it, but top heckle-bashing. There's always one......

Stu said...

Nice to see a picture from the City that was my home for the last three years while at University. Congratulations on getting this far, you're really cool.

Faceplant said...

Dear Dave,

I saw you at the Lowry and had a brilliant time.

I've got a really annoying thing to tell you though. You might have mixed up Friendly and Amicable Numbers. 220 and 284 are Amicable but not very friendly. I realise you may have done this for comedy purposes but I thought I'd let you know.

I'm a maths teacher and after seeing your show I was inspired to use friendly and sociable numbers in my lessons. So thanks for helping with my lesson planning!

Good luck with the rest of your tour,

John Kennedy

trio said...

Glad you survived your trio adventure! Wished I had been able to go to Chapel tea rooms with you, I love their cake!

40kaddict said...

You went up Winter Hill, did you take a picture of the television mast? I should imagine that was a sight close up I live about 20 miles away from it in Ormskirk [apparently Eddie Izzard walked through it yesterday, you should have raced him] and the TV mast looks impressive from that distance!

Anonymous said...

Deepdale duck is preston north end's mascot! He dances at the games :) Gotta love him. I live in Preston, where was the tearoom?