Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 29 -> Fort Augustus

I was preparing to do this ride alone. Scot - my guide for the past couple of days - had given me some good advice for the journey and I was pretty sure I could find my way as a result. But as it happened, when I was chatting with the audience after the show in the train carriage one of them said, "I suppose you've got someone to show you the way tomorrow?"... I explained that I hadn't and so... step forward, my short-notice Human Sat Nav, Campbell:

As you can see we were both in our waterproofs from the get-go... it was raining pretty heavily from the start. It never really cleared up. And most of the 44 mile ride was off-road - we started on the A380 for a while, used a bit of the A82 - but spent most of the time on the Great Glen Way or the Caledonian Canal towpath which made it a muddy affair:

We made it to Fort Augustus Public Hall in a wet and sodden state:

It had taken us just over four hours and given how rough and muddy much of our route had been I reckon that's a pretty decent pace. Impressive guiding, Campbell.


Dreich said...

Some lovely pictures there. Looks like a good cycle route.

raptureponies said...

Ahhh I remember Campbell from the gig! Lovely meeting you Dave - and will remember fondly the strangest gig i've ever been to, where we were one fifth of the audience!

I'm also re-thinking my love of that masquerading carrot cake.