Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 30 -> Inverness

Hang on... that isn't a bicycle.

I've not really mentioned much of the extra-curricular activity but this is what we - my tour manager Ed and me - got up to this morning. A powerboat trip on Loch Ness. We saw no monster.
Here I am before the trip...

... and here's Ed during.

A big thanks to Marcus - who was in last night's audience - and who organised the trip for us... and also to Tony who piloted the boat. Ace.

Meanwhile back at the bike ride, here I am outside Fort Augustus Public Hall with my Human Sat Nav for the day, Toby - on the left - and his friend, Colin.
And this is the route we took. We took the south/east side of the loch... It's slightly longer but means we could avoid the take-your-life-in-your-hands A82.
As you can see from the U-D chart, the hard work was all at the start of the ride. But it got a lot easier.
We stopped off to take a look at the Falls of Foyer...
... and also at Dores where this man lives in a converted mobile-library, hoping to spot the monster that doesn't exist. Ah.
Nice views...
And here we are at the end of the ride. Dry, unrained on and happy after a jolly day out. After the last few days, at 33 miles it was, dare I say it... easy.


Fiona said...

Good luck with the last few days

Toby said...

Aaarggh, christ I'm really not photogenic at all! Great cycling with you and the show was great.

Good luck with the rest of the trip.



Grethic said...

Now very jealous again, you are entering one of my favourite parts of Scotland. - enjoy.

Daryl Griffiths said...

At last - you've changed out of the blue shirt! Heh!

Enjoy the last bit of your journey.

Dave Gorman said...

@Fiona: Ta!

@Toby: You were an ace guide, ta. My memory tells me you were smiling most of the time. But not on photos.

@Grethic: You wouldn't have been jealous given this morning's weather.

@Daryl: confused by the 'blue shirt' comment. Have several blue, several orange and several red (all cheap ebay buys) and a few one offs. But haven't worn the blue one loads. Last worn on Day 28... then Day 25 then Day 20. "At last you've changed out of the blue shirt!" seems an odd thing to say on Day 30!

Mike said...

In the last photo why did you cut out your head and stick it on the body of someone else?

Pam Hamer said...

Dave, you were absolutely brilliant in Inverness! it was the first time i had ever been to a stand up show... and what a one to start with! haven't laughed that much in ages. Hope you are enjoying the Highlands and you come back soon! :0) Thanks for a very entertaining evening!

GreyPea said...

Shit! I saw the powerboat photo and thought you were on a pedalo. Good luck for the remainder of the tour.

Anonymous said...

Dave- I've just tasted the BEST cake ever- chocolate & beetroot. And it made me think of you because of your big carrot cake aversion.

I saw your show in Lancaster (I was the virgin techie who faded you) and it was fab. I laughed lots. Good luck with the remaining 2 nights (Well- one and a half) and if your passing Lancaster again on the way back home, call by for cake.

ps- I have 3 kids including a very fussy 5 year old, and in our house you get a sticker if you try something new...

Jenni x

Scottish Nature Boy said...

Dave - what did I tell you? Chocolate and beetroot cake - it's a real winner!

Grethic said...

Thought I better share this with you Chocolate Aubergine cake, from a blogger in Norfolk
You never know....... you might get a sticker :)

Dom said...

Hey! I recognize those Falls. The photo looks very similar to mine!
although looks like there was more water in yours!

Display Name said...

@Dave - re my "blue shirt" comments. I think I must have gone through a few of your blog posts out of order and all at once! You seem surprised though to have received an "odd" comment - what, you think we're "normal" ;)

Have you enjoyed reading all about your trip anyway and today is the last day, so Good Luck! Will miss reading about it when it's all over.

Craig said...

hi Dave
the blog is superb - in fact since scotland its got better - amazing scenery and you are looking fit.
Thought I'd send you this - something for you to try if cycling in a straight line or on the ground ever gets boring for you

best wishes
looking forward to seeing you in Bedford