Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 7

I'm playing catch-up... having just completed Day 9 with a great ride from Cambridge to Ipswich and a nice run of gigs. (The only show I've been a little disappointed with was Swindon where I had a nagging feeling that 10% of the audience just weren't going with it... oh well.)

Unfortunately my Sat Nav has gone a bit haywire lately so producing these maps isn't as simple as just plugging it in and downloading the information.

Anyway... here's the route from Day 7 - Swindon to High Wycombe... a very enjoyable 62+ miles:

And here's the uppity-downity - as you can see, it was all going well but we did have to get into the Chilterns...


Mark said...

Loved the High Wycombe gig, Dave.

I was surprised that you literally stood up for the entire show. I thought you might sit down for at least some of it, to give your feet a bit of a rest...

Best wishes for the rest of the tour.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Swindon gig and I can tell you that me and my sister were very much with you 100%. I think sometimes Swindonians will just buy tickets for a gig on name only without finding out anything about it.

I spoke to two people who didn't know that you were cycling the whole tour - they hadn't even considered the reasons of why you'd called it Sit down, cycle, stop and stand up!

So I suspect that a lot of the audience were expecting a similar gig to the Googlewhack adventure, and it took them a while to warm up when they realised you were doing something different.

Everyone I spoke to after the show said they'd had a brilliant time :-)