Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 3: Liskeard to Exeter

I've decided there simply isn't going to be time to add daily commentary of any substance on the rides and shows... doing the ride and the tour concurrently turns out to be pretty exhausting. Who knew?

So maps and facts and the occasional photo will have to do. I will say this though... cycling across Dartmoor was bloomin' ace.

Here's today's route:

And here's today's uppity-downity chart:


scott said...

hat off to you or should that be helmets, I live in tavistock and that one hard ride you did today best wishes for the rest of the trip see you in plymouth next year

Salad said...

In preparation of coming to your show tonight, me and a friend went out on the bikes earlier and coincidentally ended up doing part of the Moretonhampstead to Exeter road you took , and though it has some nasty spots, the last couple of miles into Exeter are at least fairly enjoyable!

Congratulations so far though, as the first post says that is not an easy ride at all!

Ryan Greenaway said...

Really enjoyed the show at Sterts Dave. Was a really well constructed show and had me in creases. Looking forward to the DVD (is there one in the pipeline?)!

Good luck for the rest of the tour, am sure it'll be a huge success, but wonder whether you'll be laughing to yourself quite so much towards the end of the show when the saddle sores kick in!