Sunday, September 6, 2009

Days 5 & 6

I really am finding it hard to find the time to update... but here's the route for Day 5, from Taunton to Bristol:

And here's the uppity-downity:

Can you spot the Mendips? Great guiding from Mark (photo another time) who's become my personal weatherman. Long may he continue because so far the weather's been largely friendly.

Here's the Day 6 route from Bristol to Swindon. Guided by Richard and several other folk who work for Sustrans. They have a magic knack for avoiding traffic. An ace route. (But be careful on the Fosse Way - it's a rough surface that I wouldn't want to take a pure road bike down.)

And here's the uppity-downity:

As you can see - the gentlest ride so far.


lee said...

Top show in Cambridge, still laughing about the lift, brilliant

digger said...

we cant get tickets for the tour anywhere - unless I drive 500 miles to Ardnamurchan - incidentally one of my favourite places in the world...
having to wait until Bedford in March - will you still be cycling then Dave? parhaps even from the station to the venue?

Anonymous said...

Awesome show in Swindon - sorry about arriving late, bad traffic made the drive nearly 3 hours but was well worth it! Was nice to share the stage with you for a second, sorry to interupt!! Pesky front of stage seats ;o)

Dave Gorman said...

@Lee and Anonymous: Ta!

@digger: very unlikely to be cycling to the Spring dates... but it's of no real relevance to the shows anyway... as it's not a show about the journey or even about cycling.

The whole reason for the Spring dates existence has been to make it possible to play in places that aren't on the route or couldn't work with the route - and the order of the venues is more haphazard in the Spring as a result.

Ade said...

Great show in Swindon, Dave. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Good luck with the rest of the tour. The woman behind me was actually in pain at some point ... think you literally split her sides.

(Even if I did manage to spend 3/4 of an hour in a field somewhere in Wiltshire,having already driven 200 miles, trying to get to Swindon, because the sat nav had a wobbly, and the farmer shouting at me to get off his land.)

Great work anonymous: "Are you in equity?" ... I was literally wetting myself!

Digger said...

well Dave we're all very grateful that you've added the dates - thanks a bunch - I'm still very tempted by a trip to Ardnamurchan though.....
perhaps when you've exhausted all other ideas you could do some more remote village halls